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Sep 16, 2023

Leonce Gaiter’s nonfiction writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Times, LA Weekly, Slate, and The Washington Post.

Gaiter is also the author of the historical novel, “I Dreamt I Was in Heaven - The Rampage of the Rufus Buck Gang”.

Leonce explains why white privilege and white racial innocence will not save (white) Americans from Trump’s plans to be a dictator and the hell world that the American neofascist movement is trying to impose on the country.

He also reflects on why black and brown “conservatives” like Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott have chosen to surrender to white supremacy and a pathological pursuit of honorary Whiteness as their way of finding “success” and “happiness”.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Leonce and Chauncey dialogue about how they both escaped the trap of being black conservatives, masculinity and violence, the Democratic Party’s failed messaging, and the much-heralded “Battle for Montgomery” where black folks fought back against white thugs on a pier. 

It is Chauncey DeVega’s birthday week and as is his habit he reflects on his life journey this past year, successes and failures, and plans for the year ahead. 

And because it is his birthday week, Chauncey indulges himself with a story about being a hero in his neighborhood, fighting back against a local pervert, and an encounter with a toilet freak.

Chauncey also reads one of his favorite parts of Cormac McCarthy’s book “Child of God” and shares why he has already seen Denzel Washington’s new film “The Equalizer 3” three times at the movie theater.


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