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Feb 25, 2016

Sociologist Allan G. Johnson is the guest on this week's installment of The Chauncey DeVega Show. He is the author of many books--non-fiction, memoirs, and fiction--including The Gender Knot: Unraveling Our Patriarchal Legacy, The Forest and the Trees: Sociology as Life, Practice, and Promise. He is one of the country's foremost experts on questions of race, gender, and social (in)equality. Dr. Johnson is a wonderful guest who sat with Chauncey DeVega under the learning tree and did some teaching and sharing. 

In this conversation, Allan and Chauncey talk about the changing same that is race and racism in America, how systems of privilege are reproduced while also being denied by their beneficiaries, whiteness and masculinity, fear and anxiety in White America, and the lack of moral leadership in the United States around questions of race and justice.

During this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Chauncey talks about his frustrations with a forthcoming podcast guest, complains about the WWE's "Fastlane" pay-per-view event, continues to explain "Trumpmania", shills for Sasha Baron Cohen, and makes his Oscars 2016 predictions. Chauncey also shares how through his amazing powers of logic and reasoning he was able to figure out the cause of his facial skin blemishes.