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May 6, 2017

Scott Snyder is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. He is an award-winning writer of graphic novels such as All-Star Batman, Detective Comics, American Vampire, The Wake and Swamp Thing.  

During this week's show, Scott and Chauncey discuss what it is like to write an iconic character such as Batman, questions of "diversity" and "inclusion" in comic books, the craft of storytelling and world-building, and how politics and the rise of Donald Trump should (or should not) be reflected in comic books and popular culture more generally. 

Friend of the podcast Bill the Lizard also stops by The Chauncey DeVega Show as well. Bill offers his thoughts on the controversy about the new Marvel comics storyline where Captain America is an agent of Hydra (i.e. a Nazi). Bill and Chauncey also talk offer some thoughts on the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie trailer.

In this week's podcast, Chauncey is angry that his enemies gave him cooties, shares some thoughts on how the Republican Party wants to kill poor and sick people, and ponders what quotes from the movie "Patton" that the ghouls in the Republican Party used to motivate themselves prior to their vote to destroy the Affordable Care Act on Thursday.