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Jun 30, 2017

Joseph Baker is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. He is a professor of sociology at Eastern Tennessee State University and the author of the book Paranormal America

During this episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Joseph and Chauncey discuss alternative knowledge systems and conspiracy theories, the rise of Donald Trump, Infowars, and fantastical thinking, as well as how those people who believe in UFOs, Bigfoot, and ghosts construct reality. Joseph also shares some great stories about searching for Bigfoot and spending time with ghost hunters. 

In this week's episode, Chauncey DeVega calls out the foolishness that is America's obsession with Donald Trump's Twitter feed, tells a story about how he may have told too much truth during a recent radio appearance in San Francisco, and asks listeners if he should soften his approach to talking about the horrible reality that is America under Donald Trump. In the spirit of this week's episode, Chauncey also shares some stories from The Weekly World News