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Jan 21, 2017

This week's podcast is a special episode focusing on the inauguration of The Fascist in Chief of the United States Donald Trump. To help him reflect on these ominous days, four guests stop by to offer their thoughts on the installation of Donald Trump. 

Irv Muchnick, investigative journalist and sports writer commiserates about the role of professional wrestling in the election of Donald Trump and the WWE's Linda McMahon's nomination for the American Il Duce's cabinet. "Champion" Joe Lansdale, author extraordinaire of the "Hap and Leonard" series and other goodness chimes in with his thoughts about Trump's inauguration and Russian interference with the election. "Werner Herzog's Bear", friend of many years of Chauncey DeVega stops by to talk about teaching in this moment, having children, and how they will remember Barack Obama. Professor Adilifu Nama closes out the show by sharing his thoughts about Barack Obama and John Henry, how black folks will--as we always do--survive this moment, and has a good laugh about the movie "Candyman". 

In this week's special episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Chauncey reflects on his failed efforts to warn the American people about the threat posed by Donald Trump and his fascist movement, is frustrated about the lack of fire and energy in the Chicago protests on inauguration day, and demands that so-called "liberals" and Democrats get a spine and truly fight back against the Trumpthuglicans. 

To close out this week's special inauguration themed podcast, Chauncey also shares some stories about ghosts in the White House and how he hopes that they torment Donald Trump and his apparatchiks. 

seven and a half years ago

I'm not even from the U.S., but it's clear as crystal how much of a thin-skinned, ignoramus, gaming con artist trump is, and thoroughly wonder how this blight of nature now has reins over the a country which supposedly has the biggest share of freethinkers and bright people in the world. It surprises me that there is no mechanism in place in America to let a self-aggrandizing, idiot assume its leadership. It's a travesty to realize how quickly even a first-world country like the U.S. can quickly succumb to populism, like people from a third-world country is wont to. America has long been a beacon of democracy, but it has not been standing up well against the modern challenges to a democratic society.

Trump's presidency is the culmination of the rot in American politics, which has now been made even more evident and polarized by his narcissm, insecurity, lack of restraint, and drive to dominate at everything at the expense of just about anybody.