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Aug 2, 2023

Tim Wise is an author, activist and leading expert on white privilege and racism. He is the author of many books, including his most recent "Dispatches From the Race War."

He explains how the recent Supreme Court decision against affirmative action, Ron DeSantis’ fascist-authoritarian war on Black America’s real history (slavery was a “job skills “program) and real struggles and real triumphs, and Donald Trump and the MAGA movement’s enduring power are all connected as part of a much larger project to protect white privilege and white power across all of American society by ending multiracial democracy.

Tim Wise also reflects on how his decades of experience as an antiracist activist and battling white racists has helped him to understand the Age of Trump and why so many good white liberals and mainstream Democrats and centrists are fundamentally unprepared for the challenge(s) of protecting multiracial democracy and the long struggle ahead.

Chauncey and Tim also dialogue about the effectiveness of the right-wing media machine, how liberals and “the left” are using the wrong strategies and tactics, and the temptations of going over to the other side because of money – and why they would never do such a thing.

And Chauncey goes to the archives and shares what white slavers in the South actually wrote and thought about how the enslavement of Black Americans was a type of “job skills” program -- and how their claims are not too different from what Ron DeSantis and the other neofascists and members of the white right are saying more than one hundred years later.


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