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Mar 31, 2023

Nate Powell is a graphic novelist and musician. He is also the first cartoonist to win the National Book Award. Nate Powell has also won four Eisner Awards.

His work includes Ozark horror tale Come Again, civil rights icon John Lewis' March trilogy and its follow-up Run, comics essay About Face, and graphic novels Two Dead, Any Empire, and Swallow Me Whole. Nate’s new book is Save It For Later.

He reflects on how America’s culture of the 1980s with the rise of Reaganism, toys like GI Joe, the Punisher comic books, and other celebrations of militant nationalism and violence across American popular culture gave rise to the Trump’s MAGAites and American neofascism these decades later.

Nate explores questions of “selling out” and his relationship as a younger man to punk music and counter culture and what is lost (or perhaps gained) when subcultures become more mainstreamed and their audiences and artists age with them.

Nate also shares what he learned about resistance, struggle, and justice along the color line from the process of working with the titan civil rights hope warrior Rep. John Lewis on the award-winning March graphic novels. 

And Chauncey and Nate dialogue about being men of a certain vintage, coming of age in the 1980s, and what it means to be creative for a living.

Chauncey continues to share how you can be a hero in your own neighborhood by being attentive to all of the good people and life lessons around you while also be cautious of the evil that may be stalking you at the same time.

Chauncey also shares how Donald Trump’s MAGAite cultists are so deranged that they actually believe that Trump’s pending indictments mean that he is a prophetic figure who is being punished like Jesus Christ.

On this week's podcast, Chauncey answers some questions sent in by the listeners to the show. 


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