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Mar 31, 2016

Paul O'Brien is the guest on this week's special "Wrestlemania" themed episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. He is the author of the great series of crime noire novels set in the world of professional wrestling called Blood Red Bleeds Dollar Green. Paul is also an accomplished playwright and is working on a TV series and film project.

In this fun episode, Paul and Chauncey talk about their mutual love of professional wrestling, share some stories about growing up in the United States and Ireland, the craft of writing, the World Wrestling Entertainment's very problematic build up to Wrestlemania, and what it is like to work with Jim Ross on his autobiography. Paul is also an addiction therapist and counselor, and he shares his insights and experiences with helping people overcome the demons of drug and alcohol abuse. 

In this installment of The Chauncey DeVega Show, Chauncey talks about the craven liars at CNN's GOP town hall meeting, complains about his failures in the kitchen, and offers some comments on the horrible Batman versus Superman movie

Chauncey also cannot help but fantasize about one of Ted Cruz's alleged mistresses, the one and only Katrina Pierson, and how she seduced the Bible thumping Christian Dominionist Republican presidential primary candidate. 

At the end of the podcast, Chauncey DeVega also makes his Wrestlemania 32 predictions.