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Dec 5, 2020

This is a sneak preview of The Truth Report which can be found at the link below:

Wajahat Ali is a playwright, attorney, and political analyst. He is also the author of the recent and widely-read New York Times essay, "'Reach Out to Trump Supporters,' They Said. I Tried."

In addition to The New York Times, Ali's essays and other writing have appeared in The Atlantic, The Guardian, New York Review of Books, and The Washington Post.

Ali shares what he as a Muslim-American learned from his efforts to find common ground and understanding with Trump's supporters. He also reflects on what the 2020 election does or does not signal about the enduring power of white supremacy and Trumpism in America.

And Wajahat Ali explains why even after Joe Biden's apparent victory over Donald Trump the mainstream American news media is still so obsessed with "white working class voters" and their "pain" and "disappointment" while largely ignoring the non-white and other Americans who elevated Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the White House.


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Music at the end of this week's episode of The Truth Report is by JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound. You can listen to some of their great music on Spotify.