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Aug 27, 2018

Bryan Edward Hill is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show

He is the writer of such comic books as the Batman Detective Comics series and also Michael Cray. His newest project is American Carnage which is forthcoming from Vertigo. In addition to writing comic books Bryan is also a TV writer whose credits include Ash vs. The Evil Dead.  

On this week's show, Bryan and Chauncey discuss how being working class black folks impacted their life trajectories, questions of "representation" and opportunity in the business that is popular culture, and the art of storytelling.

Bryan also shares some great stories about being attacked by one of the Wu-Tang Clan's hangers-on, living one's best life philosophy and principles, traveling around the world, and combating self-sabotage and impostor syndrome.

And during this week's podcast Chauncey explains how Donald Trump's "white genocide" victimology narrative proves that he is, again, a white supremacist Santa Claus. Chauncey also refuses to offer a hagiography for the now late and departed Senator John McCain. Chauncey also ponders why the Catholic Church is not considered an ongoing criminal enterprise whose leaders should be in prison for protecting sick, monstrous, sexual predators who abuse children.