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Aug 5, 2016

Nicholas Stargardt is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. Professor Stargardt is a historian at Oxford University and the author of several books including the most recent
Witnesses of War - Children's Lives under the Nazis and The German War: A Nation Under Arms.

In this week's installment of the podcast, Dr. Stargardt and Chauncey discuss children, trauma, the Holocaust and World War 2. Dr. Stargardt also shares his thoughts on the role of "everyday" Germans in World War 2 and the rise of Hitler. Chauncey and Dr. Stargardt also do some sharing about the particular challenges experienced by Afro-Germans under the Nazi regime, as well as try to locate Donald Trump's proto fascism within the proper political and historical context. 

During this week's podcast, Chauncey talks about the horrible new Star Trek Beyond movie, complains some more about the Chicago heat, and talks about the new revelations regarding Right-wing Fox News sex pervert Roger Ailes.