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Dec 4, 2015

Dave Neiwert is the guest on this week's episode of The Chauncey DeVega Show. He is one of the United States' foremost experts on the American Right-wing media, militia movement, and politics more generally. He current writes the Hatewatch blog for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Dave Neiwert is the author of several books including The Eliminationists. He is one of the founders of the essential news website Crooks and Liars. Dave is also an ally of our animal friends. His new book is Of Orcas and Men: What Killer Whales Can Teach Us. 

This is the first conversation in the annual December fundraising month for the website and the podcast The Chauncey DeVega Show. David is a great guest and does some wonderful teaching and sharing on this week's installment of the show. 
David Neiwert is an amazing guest who has supported Chauncey DeVega's work for some years. It was so cool to finally be able to chat with him on the podcast.

In addition to Dave's great conversation, on this episode of The Chauncey Devega Show, Chauncey talks about the bookend of mass shootings at Planned Parenthood and in California, gives some insight about the pressure to write "hot takes" on current events, offers up a poontang hypothesis about the San Bernardino shootings and radical violent Islam, complains about the New England Patriots getting screwed by the referees, as well his upsetness regarding his cold electric heat (not) warmed overpriced Chicago apartment.